New Business Education - Ново образование за бизнис

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1 Successfully Completed Final Monitoring of the Project "Energy Efficient Local Self-Government"
2 NBE part of a CIVICA Mobilitas networking event
3 NBE organized a roundtable meeting entitled "Energy Efficient Local Self-Government"
4 Raising the Public Awareness for Energy Efficiency at the Local Level in Macedonia
5 Second Workshop for Writing a Business Plan Successfully Organized
6 NBE organized the first of the two workshops for high-school graduates
7 Successfully Conducted Presentations of Programmes for Energy Efficiency in Three Municipalities in Macedonia
8 NBE continues with its support for high-school graduates in the field of Entrepreneurship
9 NBE signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with EA of R. Macedonia
10 Successfully Produced Policy Paper and Brief
11 NBE commences the activities for the project “Creative Business Plan for Successful Entrepreneurs”
12 NBE upholds its active role in the field of Regional Development in Macedonia
13 “Analysis of Financial Statements” – NBE continues with successful, quality training offerings
14 Successfully organized training on the topic “Social Media Marketing”
15 NBE Members Participated on an Eventful CIVICA Mobilitas CSO’s Networking Meeting
16 NBE’s project assistant was awarded on the First Conference for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development
17 NBE makes its presence on the First Student Conference for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development
18 Соопштение
19 NBE member participated at the International Conference in Vallendar (Germany)
20 Јавен повик за избор на општини за изработка на програми за енергетска ефикасност
21 A NBE member participating as a distinguished lecturer at the University of Economics in Wroclaw
22 NBE member participated at the International Conference organized by COST FA0904 action and Zurich University of Applied Sciences
23 Thermographic analysis of the public objects in 12 municipalities in Macedonia
24 Public presentation of a Policy paper
25 NBE started with implementation of the project “Energy Efficient Local Self Government”
26 NBE has signed a project grant contract with CIRa: A continuation of a Success Story
27 Strengthening of the organizational capacities through the TACSO capacity-building programme
28 Helpful insights and networking opportunities at the Think and Link seminar “Improving the policy impact of research”
29 NBE members participated in the first capacity-building event organized by TACSO
30 Successful conduction of the work-shops part of the project “Business plan as the roadmap to success”
31 Successfully carried out training in Project Proposal Writing for regional development
32 NBE visited EUREGIA – One of the biggest events in the field of regional development
33 Повик за учество на обука за пишување на предлог проекти (во месец декември)
34 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
35 NBE examines the Slovenian institutional framework for regional development in order to extract the key success factors
36 NBE commences the activities, as part of the project “Business Plan as the Roadmap to Success”
37 International Conference for Nanocomposite materials
38 JA-YE Europe Enterprise Challenge 2012
39 NBE signed a contract for a project grant with the City of Skopje
40 Regional Conference “Employment Policies in South East Europe: Situation and Challenges”
41 NBE Members continue their active role in the field of Entrepreneurship
42 Most recent activities within the Waste Management and Waste as a Renewable Energy Resource project
43 Fundraising for regional development
44 Strengthening the Institutional Capacity by taking part in a Capacity-Building Seminar
45 NBE selected to participate in the TACSO Capacity-Building Programme
46 Capacity building for development of business idea
47 NBE submitted a successful project proposal, selected for funding by the European Fund for the Balkans
48 NBE members won 1st place at the World Bank essay competition
49 New Business Education prepared a Guide for utilizing the potential of geothermal waters in the Municipality of Demir Kapija
50 New Business Education prepared two studies for Energy efficiency of street lighting for the municipalities of Resen and Demir Hisar